Thursday, July 3, 2008

12 dozen/12 things she can’t live without...

1- Exchanging smiles every day with my husband and daughter.
2- An Ylang Ylang morning breeze.3- Swimming across the San Francisco Estuary in Langosta Beach at high tide.4- The “Incomplete Manifesto” by Bruce Mau- to remind me what is relevant in my everyday design adventure.
5- Clay deliveries from the jungle every 1st Saturday of the month.
6- A “Reform” pencil 1.5 mm and plain paper at all times.
7- petting my dog Woody.
8- A poem Leonard Cohen wrote for me with crayons on paper table cover at 1 .2. 3. Restaurant in NYC twenty + years ago.
9- Having tea on my mother original tea set by Eva Zeizel for Arabia.
10- “Rushka” tea by Marriage Freres.
11- My Photo by Helmut Newton.
12- Manchego cheese and Navarro & Correas Prosseco

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DrHGuy said...

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